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Anonymous asked: What would you like to see happen in the series before it ends?


Oh, there’s so much. So, so, so much I want to see before the series ends! :D However, there is a lot I expect to remain an open question, that’s simply Davis’ style. Okay, let’s see…

  • Lydia: I want Lydia to come into her own powers and take her place as one of the defenders of Beacon Hills. I also want to see a little more development between she and her mother, their relationship was one of my favourite aspects of s4. I’d love to see Lydia start a good, strong, adult relationship with Parrish, because god I love the way they play off each other. However, I’m cautious, because who knows what Davis is up to with Parrish. There were some really curious parallels between Parrish and Peter towards the end of s4, a lot of talk about Parrish’ youth and “good genes”, and about a zillion and one time-travel references in relation to him which have me baffled. Who knows, but fingers crossed. I do love their dynamic.
  • Scott: I want Scott’s arc to play out fully and break our hearts. Really, I love nothing more than a subverted hero’s arc, and I do hope he comes out the other end of it stronger. Anakin Skywalker’s tale is brilliant - he goes from a victim (slave), to a hero of the Jedi Order (the Chosen One), to . Now, can you imagine if the original trilogy hadn’t been released first and we got to watch Anakin grow up and become this galaxy renowned hero, and have no clue that he was travelling a road to hell paved with good intentions? Even better, that it was an Anakin we actually liked instead of that whiny, miserable little shit the prequels gave us? That we actually cared about his relationships with the people around him and gave a damn about his future redemption? That’s what I’m hoping Davis is giving us with Scott - an Anakin Skywalker who will actually break our hearts.
  • Emissaries: Gerard told us in S3a that the early druids were shape-shifters who taught werewolves how to shift back and forth. I want to know more about Deaton and Morrell, and their connection to the Hales/Deucalion. Did Deaton love Talia Hale? What did he do ten years ago that he regrets? Why is Morrell working in Beacon Hills’ answer to Arkham Asylum? Hell, I want an entire series about those too. For the record, I don’t think they’re either good or evil because the show doesn’t do good or either. Their interest in keeping balance is certainly very Jedi. They have been consistently shown to have mysterious motives, and I hope all the secrecy around the characters has a brilliant pay off.
  • The Nemeton: Who cut down the Nemeton and why? I gots to know!
  • Kira: More story for Kira. If cupidsbower's theory is correct, Kira unwillingly made a pact with Tezcatlipoca in the finale and I would very much like to see that play out.
  • Malia: I’ll admit it, I’m a fan of Kira/Malia and I would love it if their seeming foreshadowing (“date a coyote” and the dancing in 4x01) was genuine. I’m not convinced that she has bad motives, but I think there’s potential that she could be hurt deeply by Stiles and side with the mysterious Desert Wolf next season. More than anything, I’d really like the foreshadowing and odd little things that don’t add up about her back story to have a satisfying explanation. Possibly this will be revealed by the introduction of the Desert Wolf. Hell, maybe Malia is the Desert Wolf? (personally, I would love it if she turned out to be the thing Jennifer resurrected)
  • Stiles: Oh there’s so much I need from Stiles. His supernatural/bisexual coming out will hopefully be the focus of his arc next season. I don’t know how his relationship with Malia will play out, other than I’m 99.9% certain that it won’t last much longer. This season made it clear that Stiles’ treatment of her is pretty poor and vice versa to be fair, but the problem there is Malia doesn’t appear to be aware that her behaviour isn’t okay, but Stiles doesn’t have that excuse. And the longer he hides his “spark”, the bigger the explosion will be when he busts out the closet (see the imagery Stiles has been connected to this season). I just hope this pays off really well, and results in some positive development for Stiles/the Sheriff.
  • Derek: Derek’s arc was so satisfying this season, he’s pretty much completed his hero’s journey and I’m hoping we’ll see the “return of the king” as foreshadowed in S5. I think there’s still a lot left between he and Scott to explore. Their relationship since S2 has been …tentative? I think that’s the best word to describe it. Honestly, I want him to help Peter next season, not because Peter deserves it, but because I don’t think Derek wants him to suffer. In many ways, Derek and Peter parallel Scott and Stiles, so I want to see their relationship end in a satisfactory way (I do think Peter will sacrifice himself next season, I can’t see him surviving the series).
  • Sterek: Oh, like you didn’t know this was coming. =p I won’t repeat myself much here, but we’ve had continuous foreshadowing for Derek and Stiles for several seasons now. Even if we were to consider their relationship platonic, there is a great deal that has been left hanging e.g. Stiles telling Cora that he would talk to Derek about Paige if he had to. This hasn’t paid off yet, even though it was strongly implied it would. In addition, the “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” scene which strongly implied Stiles was Derek’s anchor hasn’t paid off either. So yes, fingers crossed these two finally get the arc they deserve next season.

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The Maze Runner made more than $81.5 million worldwide and is the #1 movie in the world right now!


The Maze Runner made more than $81.5 million worldwide and is the #1 movie in the world right now!

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Anonymous asked: Despite I like him a lot, the Sheriff's behaviour towards Stiles is really starting to annoy me. He himself said that he has seen a lot of supernatural shit to carry his gun everywhere but even then, he never believes Stiles, never. I wonder if there is something more behind his trust issues with Stiles... What do you think?


I’ve talked a bit about the Stilinski family dysfunction lately and it’s a clear pattern of

  • They both love each other
  • they don’t talk, are crap at communiction
  • the sheriff doesn’t really understand stiles
  • stiles has a huge amount of guilt that stems from the loss of his mother and that has lead him into a pattern of trying to take care of his dad, probably to a) make sure he doesn’t loose him too and b) to make up for whatever he feels guilty about in regards to his mother
  • the sheriff is frustrated with the supernatural elements something that i think i hindering stiles in coming to terms with his spark, and subsequently also his sexuality due to previous harsh comments made by his dad (that i don’t think is meant as homophobic)
  • the sheriff clearly doesn’t trust stiles and it shows. this hurts stiles more than he’s letting on and often leads to further spirals of lies.

You can read more about this here and here

I’ve mostly talked about things from Stiles’ perspective, so let’s look at it from the sheriff’s point of view as well.

What we have to remember is that we see the story of the shitstorms of Beacon Hills unfolding from the perspective of Stiles. We have all the same information he has and as a result we know why he does a lot of the things he does, even the morally grey, the lying and the downright illegal. And even if his dad is now in the know about the supernatural elements in town, i doubt he’s been apprised of all the shit that has gone down.


And Stiles has taken the blame and the hit for a lot of the stuff going on. The sheriff’s been finding Stiles at crime scenes, he’s stolen a police van, he got a restraining order against him that ultimately lead to the sheriff temporarily loosing his job. Sure, he got it back, but i do think he must have gotten a lot of grief for that and his reputation probably suffered as well. Stiles has lied to him a number of occasions, he’s found him at the scene after Isaac escaped jail, he was Lydia’s date when she was bitten, he’s been hanging around Derek and admitted to it back when he was still a fugitive from the law. He also snoops on his dad’s records, listens in on his converstations and sticks his nose in where he shouldn’t.

So the sheriff does have legitimate reason to distrust Stiles because he’s been systematically and delibartely lying to him about the supernatural since Scott was bitten.

And frankly we don’t know much about how Stiles was before all of this but we do have little hints that tells us he was a handful, and that the Sheriff thought (probably rightly so) that Stiles was the mastermind behind it all and that he drags Scott with him.


Just look at these faces - they both look resigned and yet not all that surprised to be in the back of the sheriff’s police car. Clearly not the first time.

And the conversations between stiles and his dad from season 1 that are quite amusing, is on a second or third viewing and with focus on the sheriff probably born more out of frustration and the fact that stiles has a pattern of creative definitions and white lies.


Sheriff: What the hell do you think you’re doing?
Stiles: I’m just trying to help.
Sheriff: Okay, well, how ‘bout you help me understand exactly how you came across this.
Stiles: We were looking for Scott’s inhaler.
Sheriff: Which he dropped when?
Stiles: The other night.
Sheriff: The other night when you were out here looking for the first half of the body.
Stiles: Yes.
Sheriff: The night that you told me you were alone and Scott was at home.
Stiles: Yes. No. Oh, crap.
Sheriff: So you lied to me.
Stiles: That depends on how you define lying.
Sheriff: Well, I define it as not telling the truth. How do you define it? Stiles: Mm, reclining your body in a horizontal position?
Sheriff: Get the hell out of here.
Stiles: Absolutely.

The sheriff has a very clear set of rules for what defines lying: Not telling the truth. Stiles has a creative definition, which speaks volumes about him and his willingness to bend the truth.

And also notice that he’s lying to protect scott. A pattern that has continued throughout the series. And i think much of the lying he’s done in the past has also been to protect Scott. Because that is what Stiles does. The ones he cares about he protects. His loyalties are admirable, but it’s costing him dearly and the price is his dad’s trust.


Agent McCall: You believe this?
Sheriff: To be honest, I haven’t believed a word Stiles has said since he learned how to speak.

It’s said somewhat jokingly but the camera takes time to show us Stiles’ reaction to his dad’s words and he’s usually very good at playing things off as a joke. But this isn’t really all that funny tbh.

And a thing just occured to me. What if all the things the sheriff hasn’t believed out of stiles mouth since he was a little kid, is actually true? What if he does have a kind of third eye thing going on, and he’s been telling incredible stories that people like his dad has assumed are just made up nonsense and lies? We’ve had many examples of stiles instantly take a dislike to people like Matt, Harris, Deaton, the twins etc. And he has uncanny intuition sometimes. For most people this will seem like either lunatic ramblings or flat out lies. Because he doesn’t have anything to back it up. Until much later, but by then most people have forgotten all about it, as evidence of this conversation with scott


Scott: Well, what if it’s somebody else from school? Like, you remember Matt? We didn’t know that he was killing people.
Stiles: Excuse me? I’m sorry, what? I yes, we did. I called that from day one, actually.
Scott: Yeah, but we never really seriously thought that it was Matt.
Stiles: I was serious. I was quite serious, actually. Deadly serious. No one listened to me.

The sad part is Stiles is right, no one really listens to him. And he’s sort of put himself in that position. Because his lies have made his dad distrust him, and his crazy ramblings have probably made Scott disregard most as just weird antics. But what if he’s been right all along?

How long will stiles last before he either resigns completely or blows up at them. We’ve been talking about a schism between stiles and scott and frankly i’m starting to think the worst schism of all might be between father and son…


I hope this helps putting the sheriff’s position into perspective. It’s not meant to give him a free pass because i genuinely think the stilinski men both need to sit down and talk things out, because there are a lot of misunderstandings and flat out wrong assumptions happening in their relationship. Stiles needs to stop lying and tell his dad everything, and the sheriff needs to make an effort to understand stiles better.

And as a mom i can tell you that us parents want nothing else but the best for our kids and want to protect them as best we can. and at the bottom of it all i do think that is what the sheriff is trying to do. Scott, Derek and Lydia are all clearly supernatural and they can’t help being part of the supernatural shenanigans that happens, and the sheriff understands and respects that. And that is why i think he’s ready to accept their help and them being involved. But in his eyes Stiles doesn’t need to be involved because he’s just human and can step back. Which goes to show that he really doesn’t know his son as well as he might think he does.


But at the end of the day, although i think both mean well and love each other, they do continue their dance of miscommunication and misundestandings that frankly is hurting both of them. But like i said - it’s easier for us to sympathize with Stiles because we see and understand his actions and reasoning, but his dad does not have the whole picture. And the result is distrust. And a trust in Scott that i frankly don’t think he deserves, but stiles seem to have resigned himself to and also use at times. and that is just sad.

Thank you for organizing this and getting it to him, then sharing it with us. I’m glad to have us let the cast know how much we appreciate the time and talent they gift us with. Next best thing to being there!

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